And what if it were possible to make an impact in (...)

And what if it were possible to make an impact in English-even if you’re not bilingual?

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In just three minutes, you’ll understand
what sets EnglishBooster apart.

Let’s start with a question.

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Based on what you know, to whom did
the Michelin Guide award 151 stars in 2011?

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That’s right: the British! In 2011,
151 Michelin stars were awarded to British

restaurants. Your eyes...and your taste
buds...are a bit skeptical? Well you can be sure
that you’re not the only one.

Certain, shall we say "preconceived notions"
regarding English cuisine are still alive and well!

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Here’s another die-hard preconceived notion
that’s widespread in Southern Europe:
that, to make an impact in English, you must be
completely bilingual. You need a crystal-clear accent.
Flawless delivery. A rich vocabulary.

And what if it were possible to
make an impact in English
-even if you’re not bilingual?

Here at EnglishBooster,
we’re convinced it is possible.

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In an increasingly globalized world,
what matters isn’t so much a perfect command
of a given language as the ability to make use
of effective communication tools. In order
to get your idea across and to be convincing.
And this is what EnglishBooster is all about.

We won’t make you bilingual. But
we’ll give you the resources you need
to increase your impact in English.


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With EnglishBooster, you’ll train with tools that
fit the types of high-stakes communication contexts
frequently encountered in your day-to-day work.

Public speaking. Project presentations.
Meeting leadership. Key account sales.
Team communication. Business reviews.

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With EnglishBooster, you’ll develop your talents
with real coaches. They’re not only native English
speakers, but also know the "ins and outs" of
communication techniques. Plus, each coach
has at least 15 years of management experience.

Because they know what you’re up
against professionally, they know how to
challenge you. They provide you with
targeted feedback and help you
to move forward.

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With EnglishBooster, you’ll learn by practicing.
Real-life simulations, personalized role-playing
games: 80 % of training time is dedicated
to practice.

You’ll be taking risks in a safe environment.
You’ll make quick progress.

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A disruptive approach that’s attracting
attention and winning over managers of
leading groups and small-/medium sized
enterprises who need to convince in English.

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In short, the EnglishBooster method
gives you three key benefits.

1. Tangible results
You’ll train by working on your own projects,
with coaches who understand your business
challenges. The results are tangible.
You’ll see.

2. Universal communication tools
You’ll boost your English skills
as you acquire universal communication tools
that you can use for your communication needs
in English – and in your mother tongue too!

3. More confidence
You’ll make the most of your speaking skills.
You’ll discover your true potential
as a communicator. Gone are your
stumbling blocks. You’ll increase
your confidence. Your contacts will let
you know that they perceive it, too.

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Are you (or your teams)
not making enough of an impact in English?

The stakes are high.
You’ve decided it’s time to change.
We are here for you.

T. +33 1 42 36 21 99

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