Business meetings: cultivate the art of listening

Business meetings: cultivate the art of listening

Published in Tips - 01 October 2016

Often people in meetings just take it in turns talking rather than communicating effectively. Each person has their own opinions and agenda and unfortunately this is often at the expense of others feelings and wants.

So, instead of thinking what to say – actually listen really hard to what is being said and ask questions about the subject matter.

For example, ask open questions, beginning with who, what, where, how, why, or when.

And ask questions to really try to understand the views and needs of others: “So you’re saying you think it would be better to extend the deadline?” “You seem to be saying… have I got that right?” “What makes you say…” “Could you give an example of ..?”

Go into the meeting with the mindset that you are there to communicate rather than just have your say about agenda items and you will be surprised about the outcome.

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