Feeling blocked when it comes to speak up during (...)

Feeling blocked when it comes to speak up during meetings?

Published in Tips - 23 September 2016

Discover how you can put your inhibitions aside.

Often people don’t speak up because they’re afraid of being perceived as wrong or having their opinion rejected. One way to diffuse this fear is to depersonalize your idea - putting a question to the group.

When you think you might have a good idea but aren’t very confident about expressing it as your personal view, offer it as a suggestion with lead –ins such as:

"Have we thought about...sending the report to all mangers?" "Another option we may want consider... is pushing back the timeline until late November." "Is it worth thinking about communicating publicly on this issue?" "Did anyone mention... the Willow report? I seem to remember it covered some of the same topics Andrew has raised."

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