Fun ways to build language skills in English

Fun ways to build language skills in English

Published in Tips - 14 October 2016

Mastering English requires practice, practice, and more practice…but it doesn’t have to be boring or ‘painful’! A practical and fun way to boost your language skills is to find an activity that you enjoy and experience it while speaking English. Here are a few ways to immerse yourself in English and have a good time. You could invite English-speaking colleagues to join you, or go and meet new friends in Paris’s international community.

The universal language of music

Listening to music in another language is an excellent way to build your listening skills and to ’feel at home’ with the spoken rhythm of the language. The song "I Love Paris" was written by American composer and musician Cole Porter. Ella Fitzgerald did this popular version in the 1950s and it’s remained a classic even today. Why not listen to some English music as you work or relax on the weekend?

Help others to discover French culture

Here’s an idea for how to speak English in your free time and to meet people from around the world. "Greeters" is a unique group of French volunteers who donate their time to show visitors some of their favorite places in Paris and to help them appreciate French culture.

Cocoon and listen to a TED Talk

TED talks are a collection of short speeches (or talks) on a wide variety of interesting business and cultural topics, presented by people from around the world. The speeches are in English but you can also turn on subtitles in French. It’s a great way to discover new points of view and see successful presentation styles. Many of the speakers are using English as a second language. See how they impact and influence, even with an accent. Get ready to deliver your own power-talk with one of our workshops.

Hugh Evans describes "global citizens" and how an international mindset could help to find answers for many of the world’s difficult challenges.

A game of Scrabble perhaps?

Paris has lots of cafes where you can enjoy playing board games (jeux de société). This is a great way to build bi-lingual language and reasoning skills. There are traditional games like Scrabble and many other games that involve talking or storytelling. Invite bi-lingual colleagues, friends or neighbors and have fun! One game-oriented cafe is Le Nid located at Canal St. Martin...