Learn English faster and easier with the 'No (...)

Learn English faster and easier with the ’No recipes’ method

Published in Articles - 19 June 2017

Recipes are the grammar of cooking: the precise ingredients and step-by-step instructions are supposed to make you a perfect chef. But following a recipe can be frustrating, because in reality it’s not so easy and the lovely photo in the recipe book doesn’t resemble what you made. What if you could be a great cook, without using a recipe?

This is why I love the global “No Recipes” movement that is revolutionizing the world of cooking. One of my favorite sites is a chef teaches the essential tips and techniques that give you the freedom to create something tasty and fun, just by using the ingredients that you have in the fridge.

On the job, I apply the “no recipes” concept to help business professionals learn to creatively and confidently speak in English. I’m a native speaker of French and my company specializes in training business professionals like yourself to make an impact in English. Once you’ve learned the basic communication tools vocabulary, it’s definitely possible for any non-native speaker of English to make an impact – even without perfect grammar! The EnglishBooster ‘no-recipes’ method boosts your confidence, enabling you to leverage your existing English skills and to think on your feet (to think, reason or react quickly) in high-pressure meetings, while giving an presentation, or speaking with colleagues.