Seize 2016's summer days to shine in English

Seize 2016’s summer days to shine in English

Published in News - 12 July 2016

Yes, summer is finally here, bringing us pleasant and sunny (we hope !) days. June is also the halfway point in the year so it’s the right time to take action on goals and objectives. What do you think of seizing 2016’s summer days to shine in English… and make an impact in H2 ?

Individual programs. During summer time, EnglishBooster’s team will be up and running to help you shine in English and make an impact at the rentrée. Click here to share your needs. An EnglishBooster coach will contact you to design a customized program to meet your summer targets.

Collective sessions. If you prefer to upgrade with the benefit of learning with others, here are our upcoming public sessions : YES YOU CAN (presentation skills), TAKE TO THE FLOOR (assertiveness, speaking up in meetings), GET A YES (persuasion and advanced presentation skills). Reserve now for our autumn courses – they fill up quickly !

We look forward to (further) making you shine in English !

The EnglishBooster team