Valentine's Day: “I love you” is easy. Do you know (...)

Valentine’s Day: “I love you” is easy. Do you know another way of saying it?

Published in Articles - 12 February 2014

It’s the classic problem of the Frenchie who gets by in English: of course you know how to say “I love you”, but do you know more than one way of saying it?

Here at EnglishBooster we’re passionate about repertoire expansion. We know that having more than one way of saying something gives us more impact, more leverage and helps us tailor our message to our audience. And when could you want more leverage than on February 14th?

So it’s time to take your repertoire expansion skills beyond the office. Knowing more than one way to say those three simple little words will mean that you can choose the tone and style of your message in English: Passionate? Tender? Funny?

Let’s start with some inspiration. In English, we like to have lots of ways of saying the same darn thing, so here are two exhaustive lists: each with 99 and 101 ways to say I love you.

Who knows more about love than Hollywood? This compilation gathers funny, poignant, cheesy and memorable scenes from our favourite romantic comedies.

And sometimes we want to leave our declaration to the professionals: this collection of classical and contemporary love poems shows us just how creative we can be with these three little words.

And if you ever just feel out of words, this poetic video could leave you with a few final ideas on how to show your love. Because remember, what’s important is not how you say “I love you” but that you say it at all. After all: “Love, it’s what make the world go round.”

Et si vous voulez préparer une présentation en anglais ou une prise de parole en anglais pour dire à votre entreprise ou à vos clients combien vous aimez travailler avec eux :-) EnglishBooster is here for you!