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ENGLISH BOOSTER has been coaching executives from France and elsewhere in Europe since 2001, helping them to deliver crystal-clear presentations in English. Thousands of workshops and one-on-one sessions later, ENGLISH BOOSTER has now reached another milestone in its development as it strives to go far beyond mere presentation skills.

“Over the past 10 years, we’ve continuously enjoyed high satisfaction rates with our solutions focused on presentation and public-speaking skills. Of course, we want to capitalize on these strong assets. But we also want to meet our clients’ demand for enhancing a wider range of communication skills, including assertiveness, team communication, persuasion, and meeting management in multicultural contexts. So we’ve decided to create ENGLISH BOOSTER 2.0!” explained Jean-Baptiste Bénard, Founder and CEO of ENGLISH BOOSTER.

ENGLISH BOOSTER’s services now give you the chance to customize comprehensive communication training programs that are just right for you. These programs emphasize three levels of development:

1. IMPACT – Deliver high-impact, clear messages in English. 2. INFLUENCE – Increase your persuasive skills in English. 3. INSPIRE – Appeal to a global, multicultural team.

For each level, ENGLISH BOOSTER’s coaches and consultants have designed a selection of targeted modules, with each module focusing on a specific communication skill. For example, the KEEP IT SHORT & SWEET module offers tips on how to write concise, yet effective messages. Meanwhile, the TAKE TO THE FLOOR module focuses on how to be more assertive when speaking at international meetings (click here for an overview of all modules).

All ENGLISH BOOSTER modules are offered as one-on-one or group sessions, either on-site or off-site. Prior to the start of any program, a preliminary meeting is scheduled with each participant in order to evaluate his/her communication assets in English and to determine which modules will best suit his/her needs and objectives.

To support and reflect this change in direction, ENGLISH BOOSTER has also decided to revamp its visual identity, which now features a new logo and a website brought to life by designer Caroline Castelain and web integrator Apsulis.

To get acquainted with ENGLISH BOOSTER’s new offer of services, click here.

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