14 metaphors to help you find out what EnglishBooster (...)

14 metaphors to help you find out what EnglishBooster is all about

Published in News - 17 June 2016

Which metaphor will be yours?

You know how it goes: you’ve got two minutes to explain an urgent and complex situation to your boss, a colleague or a client…in English. It’s all very clear in your head in French. But the clock is ticking, and you know you’re missing at least half of the vocabulary you need.

The bad news is: instantaneous vocabulary transfusion is not a viable option. The good news is: a solution to this embarrassing situation already exists.

Use a metaphor! EnglishBooster is happy to share with you 14 metaphors that help us and will help you get your message across. And make it stick.

1. Bubbles

Sparkling water is classy. Champagne is an instant party.

Use the bubble metaphor to demonstrate quality, improvement and added value.

EXAMPLE: “EnglishBooster takes a regular English level and injects the bubbles of communication devices to make it sparkle with impact.”  

2. Pruning a rosebush

When in doubt: prune!

Pruning a rosebush focuses the plant’s energy into fewer yet even more splendid roses.

Use it to motivate people to simplify.

EXAMPLE: “EnglishBooster shows you how to prune your pitch to let your key messages bloom.”  


3. Marmite

Marmite: the unusually salty British breakfast condiment. It only takes a bit to change your day.

Use it to demonstrate how it doesn’t take much to make a big difference!

EXAMPLE: “Just as a tiny amount of marmite powerfully changes your toast, EnglishBooster offers simple techniques that can help you make a BIG impact in English.”  


4. Métro Map

Changing at the right stations gets you there faster.

Use the metro map to illustrate key points of change in a process.

EXAMPLE: "EnglishBooster gives you a metro map, so that you can bring your audience to your final destination more easily by changing at the right stations."


5. Bike

In a crowded city, a bike will get you there faster than a big car.

Use this metaphor to give an idea of how your solution is more agile in a complex environment.

EXAMPLE: “EnglishBooster shows you how to make your message as light and quick as a bike in heavy traffic.”  


6. Escalator

Gliding up the escalator rather than walking up the stairs means that you reach your goal quickly and effortlessly.

Use it to show how an option that will save time and effort in the long run.

EXAMPLE: “Training with EnglishBooster means you be gliding up the escalator towards making more impact in English, rather than walking up the stairs.”  

7. Velcro

Velcro grabs. And Velcro holds on. It makes a bond that’s hard to split.

Use this metaphor to describe how something is going to latch on and stay put.

EXAMPLE: “EnglishBooster’s practical approach makes your key message stick like Velcro in your audience’s memory.”  

8. Kaleidoscope

Lots of pieces of broken glass, and when they come together they can be dazzling.

Use the kaleidoscope to show how different parts of a team or a process can come together to make something magical.

EXAMPLE: “Don’t worry if you have a French accent and less than perfect grammar in English: EnglishBooster takes what you have and teaches you how to create presentations as stunning as a kaleidoscope show.”  

9. Mountain

Reach new heights.

Use the mountain metaphor to communicate how an opportunity offers leverage and new perspectives.

EXAMPLE: “Climb higher and see farther than you ever imagined possible…in English.” Stay tuned for the video, coming soon :-)  

10. Lipstick

The ultimate detail.

Use this metaphor to describe an essential detail that makes all the difference.

EXAMPLE: “EnglishBooster’s communication techniques are as essential as lipstick on a date.”  
11. Ice cube

Let it melt!

Use this metaphor to describe how difficulties can be overcome effortlessly.

EXAMPLE: “EnglishBooster melts your blocks to feeling confident in English as easily as warm water melts an the ice cube.”  

12. Bridge

Gets you to the other side.

Use the bridge metaphor to describe how your solution connects and joins.

EXAMPLE: “EnglishBooster’s straightforward and pragmatic solution bridges your imperfections in English.”  
13. Baking soda

Rise above the rest.

Use this metaphor to show the increase your offer will provide.

EXAMPLE: “Just a spoonful of baking soda makes your cake soar, EnglishBooster’s solution makes your presentations rise out of the crowd.”  
14. Crossing guide

A helping hand.

Use this metaphor to show how you’ll support a client through a complicated process.

EXAMPLE: “EnglishBooster’s coaches are like crossing guides: supporting you through the process of gaining more impact in English.”