Interactive writing tip: Keep email newsletters short (...)

Interactive writing tip: Keep email newsletters short and focused

Published in Tips - 22 May 2016

By Patricia Philbin, professional copywriter & trainer at EnglishBooster

Email newsletters are an excellent way to connect with your target audience. But your typical customer receives an ever-increasing number of daily emails. Avoid over-loading an email with lots of information. Keep them short and focused.

For example, ‘short & smart’ emails with strategic click-throughs benefited Lexmark and increased the response rate from their resellers. Lexmark needed to communicate with their reseller network about new products, special promotions and offer tips on how dealers could increase sales and repeat business.

Notice how their email newsletter (shown below) used short, active text and focused on the benefits to the reseller (increased sales) and to the customer (satisfaction and reduced costs).

Lexmark Business News

Color laser printing offers a terrific business opportunity – find out how to profit with the right solutions and new sales tools. Discover how Lexmark’s "Print Less, Save More" value proposition makes everything about color spectacular but the cost!

Help customers print less and save more in color – Lexmark’s Color Care technology provides an easy and cost-effective solution to control costs.

Your next sales pitch can be a springboard for success with our 15 Smart Solutions to Print Less and Save More! These new sales tools offer valuable cost-saving information in a dynamic interactive format.

► Learn how Color Care reduces costs
► 15 Smart Solutions to Print Less and Save More

Our best wishes for a profitable month!

The Lexmark Channel Value Program Team

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