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A Word From The Founder

EnglishBooster was born from my observation of professionals who find it difficult to communicate in English and under-estimate their real capabilities in this language.

I created EnglishBooster to provide a powerful solution that enables everyone to realize the impact they can have in English, with their existing level of English, in their real world work situations. Our training and coaching triggers a dynamic sequence, focusing on confidence to speak up and to feel more at ease in English. As impact and confidence are boosted, naturally the level of English increases too.

The relevance of this approach has been validated by thousands of professionals who have successfully followed our programs and the 80 major accounts who consistently renew their trust in the EnglishBooster method.

Every year, we enrich our offers with new formats in response to evolving demands in work organizations, but without ever losing sight of our initial conviction: to reveal a person’s linguistic competence, to grow it, and acquire the skills to boost his or her professional performance in English.

Jean-Baptiste Bénard

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