Other Languages

Professional mobility, expatriation, taking on cross-functional roles…
Your employees need to make an impact orally in languages other than English.

At EnglishBooster, we offer targeted coaching in French, Italian and Spanish, based on our standard modules or tailor-made.

At EnglishBooster, we also offer targeted coaching in French, Italian and Spanish


Present with confidence, clarity and impact

Yes you can

Speak Up

Speak up in meetings and calls in English

to the floor


Present to convince demanding decision-makers and hard-to-please stakeholders

Get a yes


Shine in all your business interactions in English. SHINE!

The magnetic speaker


Tic, tac, switch from your native language to English. EASY PEASY!



Neutralize negative thoughts and boost your confidence in English. GO, GO, BOOST!

The confident speaker


We are committed to building individualized support for each individual with the definition of three SMART* objectives at the start and the follow-up of their achievement at the end of the training.

We are committed to significantly increasing your English** in specific contexts where you need to perform (calls, meetings, presentations, negotiations, public speaking).

We are committed to offering you an optimal return on your investment in time:
you increase your English while working on your own meetings, presentations or professional issues.

The pedagogical supervision is provided by highly experienced and academically qualified trainers, who have typically held management positions in global companies. They act as coaches in the sessions, creating learning challenges that take participants out of the comfort zone to boost confidence and competence

*Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time effective 

**Measured by 3 key indicators: (1) Creating audio/video recording at the beginning and end of the program (2) Self-assessment of participants at start and during the program